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This web site and the concepts within the text are provided for those who wish to find a reasonable , alternative spiritual philosophy that resolves the fallacies and contradictions inherent in traditional religious beliefs.  Contradictions such as: freewill and determinism, omnipotence and existence, Earthly purpose and universal meaning and fallacies such as good versus evil, faith versus science, and monaural religious superiority versus universal spiritual thought.  The philosophy also resolves the questions surrounding creationism, evolution, intelligent design and/or random happenstance.

The text has been developed over the years with input from philosophers, theologians, scientists, teachers, doctors, artists, friends and family.  As you will learn, the philosophy of Universal Spirituality offers what we "believe" to be a rational level of ethical, moral and spiritual conduct than that of any monotheistic ideology on the planet today. It is hoped that when you read through the pages and grasp the idea, you will begin to realize that we are all parts of “God’s infinite mind” and no single organized religion or religious ideology can hold claim to, or ownership of, the entire spiritual truth.

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We are all part of the universe.

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